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How Will the Disrupted Holiday Week Impact the Pork Market in the Weeks Ahead?

The holiday shortened week likely caused some disruptions in both product and livestock markets, Steiner Consulting reports in the Daily Livestock Report.

Analysts shared insights into the data that came out on Friday and Saturday and implications for the weeks ahead. 

Hog slaughter last week was estimated at 2.223 million head, down 376,000 head from the previous week as well as 32,000 head lower from a year ago. This is a 1.4% drop year over year. 

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Indiana Company Tackles Challenges in Duck Production

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Maple Leaf Farms, along with Culver Duck, a nearby competitor, have helped push Indiana to the number one spot in the nation when it comes to raising duck, selling 14.5 million, almost 60 percent of the nation’s total.