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IL Corn Thanks Lawmakers for Support of GREET

Seven members of Illinois’s congressional delegation joined a group of 43 lawmakers in a letter to the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Lifecycle Analysis Interagency Working Group voicing their support for biofuels and the Department Energy’s Argonne GREET Model.

Senators Richard Durbin, Tammy Duckworth and Representatives Nikki Budzinski (D-13), Robin Kelly (D-2), Darrin LaHood (R-16) Mike Bost (R-12) and Eric Sorensen (D-17) signed the bipartisan, bicameral letter urging the group to finalize updates to the model by the March 1 deadline.

“As you continue to develop a model to determine eligibility, we ask that you take measures to permit every participant in the SAF lifecycle to appropriately participate in the carbon reduction process,” the letter said.

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