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Innovation Centre to be built in L’Assomption, Québec

Québec premier François Legault, surrounded by municipal officials, unveiled plans for one of the largest innovation centers in agrisciences and agro technologies to be built in L'Assomption, Québec.  Located in an off-island suburb of Montreal, this innovation center is one of the cornerstones of the 4-square-kilometer ecosystem dedicated to agtech and plant bioproducts development in L'Assomption.

The investment announced by the government of Quebec in late March will support companies and innovation teams dedicated to the development of innovative, clean technologies to support the challenges of the agricultural sector.

Granted to Agtech, this investment of nearly $41.7 million has two objectives: (1) the relocation of activities from CIEL, a research center specializing in the integrated management of horticultural crop pests, which has been in operation since 1997; (2) the construction of an innovation center open to all innovative companies in Québec that require fully equipped laboratories, technological workshops, conference rooms, and training rooms. Québec companies and research teams will thus have access to specialized infrastructure and equipment in agrisciences and agri technologies, such as preemption arms, growth chambers, wet labs, drones, and much more, for their research and development work.

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