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K-State to host Digital Agriculture and Advanced Analytics Symposium

The symposium has emerged as the meeting point for professionals from the academic and industry sectors advancing agricultural technology. Students and senior scientists from industry and academia meet to discuss their research and build a transdisciplinary network for future collaborations.

The symposium hosts discussions about topics like remote sensing, big data and artificial intelligence, precision agriculture machinery, robotics, Internet of Things, statistics and risk analysis in agriculture, and digital agriculture.

Speakers include Michael Humber, NASA Acres; Girish Chowdhary, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Hannah Kerner, Arizona State University; David Makowski, French National Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment; and Maia Donahue, farming digital platform lead, Corteva. These experts will offer their unique perspectives and insights on the current state-of-the-art technologies and indicate the path forward for scientific development. In addition, the event will feature student poster presentations, including a student competition with cash prizes. 

The call for abstracts is open until Oct. 1. Register online to attend the event in person.

"We are thrilled to witness the K-State community uniting for an event that promotes teamwork among students and faculty across diverse disciplines, all aimed at empowering the adoption of technologies for sustainable agriculture," said Valentina Pereyra, doctoral student and member of the organizing committee of the symposium. "We believe agricultural decisions should no longer be the domain of agronomists alone. Instead, we advocate for an interdisciplinary collaborative approach, where various disciplines such as statistics, geography and geospatial science, agricultural machinery, data science, education, and social sciences come together to address complex challenges that have persisted for decades."

In addition to Pereyra, K-State conference organizers include Aidan Kerns, doctoral student in statistics, Manhattan; Josefina Lacasa, doctoral candidate in agronomy, Carlos Hernandez, agronomy research associate, Bautista Gigena Berretta, master's student in agronomy, and Constanza Mackrey, agronomy communication specialist, all from Argentina; Denise Chavez Reyes, doctoral student in geography, and Ivan Grijalva Teran, postdoctoral fellow in entomology, both from Ecuador; Abhilekha Dalal, doctoral student in computer science, and Aashvi Dua, doctoral student in biological and agricultural engineering, both from India; and Bhaskar Aryal, master's student in biological and agricultural engineering, Nepal

The Corteva Symposia Series has sponsored more than 120 symposiums led by graduate students over the past 12 years in 50 universities across 14 countries and six continents, drawing more than 20,000 participants. In addition to Corteva, other supporting organizations include Syngenta, John Deere, Microsoft Education, the College of Agriculture, KCARE, and the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

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