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KAP President Looks Forward To Working With Another PC Majority Government

The president of Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) had a close eye on Tuesday night's election results.
Bill Campbell gave his thoughts on another PC majority.
"We will look forward to continuing working with the PC government and some of their election promises," he said. "There certainly is some impact with regards to agriculture in their platform policies. We're very encouraged to engage with them and work out some details and see how that will impact rural Manitoba."
One of the promises made by the Conservatives was to remove the education tax on property over a ten-year period beginning in 2022.
"KAP has long advocated for changes to education funding," commented Campbell. "We have really emphasized in the last period of years that equity funding needs to be addressed and Manitoba is the last province to have the current formula for education funding. It's encouraging that the PC government has acknowledged this issue and are taking some steps forward."
Campbell talked about the lack of focus on agriculture from all parties during the election campaign.
"I think we need to realize and push the PC government at this particular point in time that quite a bit of their strength lies in rural Manitoba and we need to ensure that primary agriculture in these rural communities have a strong foothold in Manitoba's decision making and on its growth. I think that there is that growth potential in agriculture in rural Manitoba, we could be a driver of the economy."
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