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Lack of Commitment For Agriculture A Concern, Says Rood

The Conservative Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food says her party would not support the Liberal Government's throne speech.
Lianne Rood says she's disappointed but not surprised by what she heard in the throne speech.
"The Liberals have done absolutely nothing there is no new commitments in the Speech from the Throne. In fact, the word Agriculture was not mentioned once in this speech. So it's disappointing that the Liberals continue to not make Agriculture and Food a priority. Of course, we we're hoping that we would see something but there's nothing new."
Rood says Justin Trudeau had the opportunity to show leadership and present Canadians with a clear path forward through this Pandemic which could have included Agriculture.
"As we know, Agriculture is a pillar of our economy. We could have seen that mentioned some more, but once again he failed that."
Opposition parties now give their official response to the throne speech.
No date has been set for the confidence vote on the Liberal Minority's plan for a stronger and more resilient Canada.
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