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Leeb VN and Leeb VL – HORSCH offers something for everyone

Leeb 6_300 VL

The models HORSCH Leeb VN and HORSCH Leeb VL have finished the first successful season in the field. As the machines have already been used all over the world, HORSCH was able to gather comprehensive insights into the different conditions and challenges.

Based on the very good experiences and the gained knowledge the manufacturer of agricultural machinery now completes the product and equipment range of the selfpropelled sprayers, i.e. the well-proven technology is extended and adapted to further conditions. The extended self-propelled sprayer range is mainly aimed at farms that attach great importance to large clearance and adjustable tracks.

Both machines are based on the same platform and thus offer the same technical equipment and identical comfort as well as the same spraying technology. The main differences are the axles and the track versions. The wide track widths we mainly know from the export markets with row crops are becoming more and more interesting for farms in Europe, among others for farms with special crops that need variable track widths that are larger than 2.25 metres.

With the hydraulically adjustable Leeb VN (VariableNarrow) and the mechanically or, on demand, hydraulically adjustable Leeb VL (VariableLarge) HORSCH offers the right product for the most different requirements and farms. The Leeb VN is ideal for European road conditions as in transport position the outside width remains below 3 metres and the tracks range between 2.25 and 3.00 metres. The Leeb VL mainly has been designed for markets that do not have special requirements with regard to the width on the roads. Thus, HORSCH remains flexible to offer every farmer the sprayer that exactly meets his requirements in the crop care sector.

The unique boom control system BoomControl actively adapts the boom and contributes to maintaining the exact working height at a high operational speed in flat or slightly hilly terrain. But in this respect, too, HORSCH optimised the sprayers. Farmers with particularly large fields, like in Canada, Brazil or Australia, have other requirements on the operational speed and thus also on the stability of the machines. Especially when cornering there are very high forces. These experiences were included in the new developments and, thus, the VN and the VL are ideal for rough conditions on large agricultural fields as the booms are even more stable. With the adaption of more clearance for higher crops and flexible track widths for row crops the company wants to meet any requirements.

A special feature is the weight distribution of almost 50:50. The front cabin concept excels due to comfort, cross-country mobility and power transmission. The concept was kept up to continue to guarantee this excellent weight distribution. The overview is very good, the cabin is spacious and is used on all HORSCH Leeb self-propelled sprayers.

Other equipment options are well-known features like the continuous inside cleaning system CCS Pro which offers several washing programmes. The ComfortDriveFlex chassis allows for a highly flexible track width and clearance as the wheels are mounted at the slide frame and, thus, can be adapted to any crop.

The customer can choose between a 5,000 and a 6,000 litres tank with height adjustment which provide a clearance of up to 2.00 metres. The optional 8,000 litres tank allows for a clearance of up to 1.60 metres.

Two years ago, the HORSCH Leeb PT ushered in a new generation of self-propelled sprayers based on the newly designed platform. These features and the new technology platform are taken up and developed further and ushers in the next step towards new innovative ideas in the self-propelled sprayer sector at HORSCH.

Source : Horsch

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