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Livestock Tools for Managing Through Drought

Livestock Tools for Managing Through Drought

By Adele Harty

As drought conditions continue, ranchers are faced with making some difficult decisions. There are multiple factors involved in the decision-making process, with some being more challenging than others. Emotion is one factor that can make the decision-making process more difficult at times. Oftentimes, the ranch is seen as more than a business; it is a lifestyle, and with that it can be difficult to remove the emotions from decision making. In order to persevere through tough times, making decisions that will move the business forward are key.

When it comes to making tough decisions, utilize resources that can help ensure these are informed decisions. There are multiple people who can provide helpful information, including fellow ranchers, agriculture lenders, veterinarians and Extension professionals, just to name a few. South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension offers multiple tools and resources to provide information. Below are just a few that can be used in making the best drought-management decisions for your operation.

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