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Manitoba Pork Hosts Virtual AGM

Manitoba Pork held a virtual AGM last week due to COVID-19.
General Manager Andrew Dickson provided this update.
"We've met with the packing plants as western pork councils. Olymel, for example, has brought in a new pricing formula. Britco has brought in a more competitive model and offered some cash incentives. Maple Leaf foods has recognized that there is an issue in the industry and has offered a temporary cash incentive of $20 per pig for 20 weeks. HyLife introduced a new pricing formula for their suppliers. We continue to work with the Canadian Pork Council in terms of improving the Business Risk Management programs to make them more effective for producers."
Dickson said pork producers are seeing very low prices based on historic norms, adding it's going to be rough waters at least until spring time.
He notes there are a number of new barns being proposed and constructed across the province.
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