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Message from the Governor General on the Occasion of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day and La Fête nationale du Québec

OTTAWA - The origins of the June 24 festivities can be traced back to Roman times. Celebrating the light of the summer solstice, this event highlighted the importance of the sun for life and for agriculture. Bonfires and community gatherings were part of the occasion, a tradition still practiced today.

Here in Canada, June 24 highlights the long-awaited arrival of summer and the vitality of French-speaking communities across the country.

In Quebec, it is National Day! A greatly anticipated holiday, which gives us the opportunity to celebrate the occasion with family, friends and neighbours. This year, the theme celebrates the stories of our heroes who inspire us and push us to excel.

On June 24, join in the celebration! Happy Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day!

                                                                                                         -Julie Payette

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