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Midwest Food Resources wraps up community gardens harvest

Midwest Food Resources community gardens in North Battleford are winding down for the season after wrapping up their harvest.

The project includes three gardens: the first is used by participating local residents who each pay a fee to rent space to grow vegetables each year. The second garden is used for the Midwest Food Resources’ Fresh Food Box program. The third is dedicated primarily for produce donations to local charities.

Midwest Food Resources executive director Vesna Fa said it was a good year for growing fresh fruits and vegetables.

“The gardens are all done for the year now,” she added.

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The federal government is moving towards imposing a requirement to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from fertilizer in Canada. The goal is a 30% reduction by 2030 under the banner of fighting climate change. Farmers, their associations, and provincial governments are all sounding the alarm that this will likely result in smaller food crops and higher costs for Canadians. A similar policy was tested in the Netherlands in 2020. It caused a massive social backlash there, with Dutch farmers travelling to their capital in tractors, similar to the truckers’ convoy here in Canada. Many Canadians wonder if something similar will happen again if these policies get pushed in Canada. Joining us today to discuss the issue is former Minister of Agriculture, the Hon. Gerry Ritz. He served in this capacity from 2007 to 2015 in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet.