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Missouri Corn CEO: Ethanol Market Well-Positioned Exerting 202

By Will Robinson

The CEO of Missouri Corn Growers says the outlook for U.S. ethanol sales is mostly positive despite recent market setbacks.

Bradley Schad tells Brownfield the EPA’s 2022 Renewable Volume Obligation level will set the tone for a favorable market this year.

“We are energized about that rule, that it is 15 billion gallons; it was supposed to be all the way back in 2015,” he said. “So, that will require some of the oil industry to use some of the RINs (renewable identification numbers) that they have banked over the years.”

Schad said while EPA’s lowering of the 2020 obligation was disappointing, he’s seeing positive momentum for exports, strong production levels and state led support with Governor Parson pushing for a waiver to sell E15 year-round…

“Which, they already do for St. Louis and Kansas City,” he said. “But they would have to make that available statewide.”

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