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Modest Advance in Saskatchewan Harvest Progress

Producers in the southwest and west-central regions are mostly done but the harvest in other parts of Saskatchewan was slowed this past week by cool, damp weather, as well as continued high moisture crops. 

The weekly crop on Thursday pegged the overall harvest in the province at 81% complete as of Monday, up a relatively modest 8 points on the week although still ahead of the five-year average of 75%. Last year, 95% of the crop was in the bin. 

Small amounts of rainfall were received across the province last week, with the most falling in the northeast and southeast regions. Meanwhile, many producers in the eastern and northern areas of the province are still waiting for canola stems to dry down or for some warm, windy days to lower the moisture content of cereal grains, the report said. 

Harvest is most advanced in the southwest region, where 98% of the crop was combined as of Monday. The west-central region was 97% complete, followed by the southeast at 74%, the northwest at 70%, the northeast at 69% and the east-central at 65% done. 

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