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Monitoring Canola Storage 'Extremely Important' This Winter

This week's Manitoba Agriculture crop report stated that there was about six per cent of the canola crop that remained unharvested.
Justine Cornelsen is an agronomist with the Canola Council of Canada (CCC).
"There's still a little bit of crop left out...We've had snow for the last month and it's not going anywhere," she said. "I think we are kind of at a halt now unfortunately so that crop is going to overwinter. Thankfully, we don't see a lot of degrading issues, so if the conditions are are nice in the spring hopefully producers can get that off without any further risk."
Cornelsen commented on the quality of this year's crop.
"A lot of our canola came off fairly decent. There was a little bit of issues with green seed in areas but producers have been able to go in there and got the dryers going and trying to store it properly. That will be the biggest issue because we do have some variability in moisture and having a little bit of high moisture content in some of those crops coming off. Monitoring bins this winter is going to be extremely important, especially with the fluctuating we've had...There's going to be a lot of change in temperature happening within that bin."
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