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National Corn Grower Board Member Gary Porter Says What's Good for the Cattle Industry is Good for Corn Farmers

There are more than just beef producers gathered at the 2019 Cattle Industry Convention this year. Several other agricultural groups and organization made the trip to New Orleans as well, including the National Corn Growers Association which set up its own booth at the trade show. Representing the organization is NCGA board member Gary Porter - a producer from northern Missouri, there to show his appreciation to cattle producers who he says generate tremendous value back to corn farmers. He spoke with Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Farm Director Ron Hays about the symbiotic relationship between the two industries. You can listen to their complete conversation by clicking or tapping the LISTEB BAR below at the bottom of the page.
“Oh my land, animal ag is our No. 1 customer,” Porter exclaimed. “I mean what would we do without them? I can’t imagine what corn prices would be like if a corn farmer tired to make living with prices as low as that.”
Porter contends his reaction is no exaggeration of the reality of that assertation. In illustrating his point, Porter remarked that US red meat exports adds 39 cents a bushel back to corn farmers. Porter says with as tight as profit margins have become the last few years, that 39 cents is where farmers must go to find their profits.
“You know, 1.1 billion bushels of corn goes to the US beef industry. If you add on DDGS, beef is our largest ag animal consumer,” he said. “So, it really means a lot to us.”
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