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Navigating co-op success through legislation

Navigating the world of co-ops means understanding ever-changing legislation. Here's your roadmap: 

1. Forge Strong Bonds: At the heart of a successful co-op is a robust network. Joining hands with co-ops nearby, or aligning with giants like the International Cooperative Alliance, can be enlightening. Tailored organizations, say the National Co-op Grocers, offer industry-specific insights. Subscribing to their newsletters ensures you're always a step ahead. 

2. Dive Deep into Research: The legislative arena affecting co-ops is vast, spanning tax guidelines to international cooperation. National organizations, especially the NCBA CLUSA, can be your guiding star. For a laser-focused approach, platforms like let you track legislations. And don’t sidestep your state's updates – they're goldmines of local intel. 

3. Engage with the Power Players: Make noise and ensure its heard by the right ears. Utilize your networks to engage with decision-makers, from local representatives to industry heavyweights. Remember, every meeting, whether in your community or the grand U.S. Capitol, is a step towards securing your co-op's future. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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