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New Research Showcases the Value of Made-in-Alberta Soil Amendment


HANNA, Alta. – As the costs of inputs, seed and the energy needed to plant, grow and harvest a crop continue to rise, one word is always top of mind for farmers: efficiency. Research recently completed at the University of Alberta demonstrates how Humalite-a soil amendment produced by WestMET Ag—can help growers get more out of their fertilizers.

In 2023, Pramod Rathor et al. conducted research to evaluate the effects of Humalite on soil nitrogen availability, wheat growth, grain yield, seed nutritional quality and nitrogen use efficiency when used at recommended rates in the presence of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. “The findings indicated that applying Humalite can reduce synthetic fertilizer applications by enhancing fertilizer use efficiency—keeping money in growers’ pockets—and improve plant growth and yield,” says  Clayton Williams, Agriproducts Manager at WestMET Ag. “As growers’ receive pressure to implement environmental stewardship practices, we firmly believe that Humalite can play a key role in allowing them to reduce fertilizer rates while maintaining quality and yield.” 
Key findings of the research show that compared to fertilizer applications alone, wheat plants grown in the presence of Humalite and recommended NPK rates showed a significant increase in plant growth, 

• 14–19 per cent higher grain yield
• 23–30 per cent higher seed protein content
• 14–60 per cent higher nitrogen use efficiency

Found only in Hanna, Alta., Humalite is an oxidized, humic-based substance that is formed during the decomposition of organic materials. While it is not used as a traditional fuel, WestMET Ag produces high-quality humic products from this exclusive resource that can be used for agriculture, turf, horticulture and manufacturing applications.
Additionally, the high humic acid content of WestMET Ag’s humic products means the products help to add carbon to soil, enhance microbial activity, improve water retention and accelerate crop residue breakdown. 

As growers implement new, sustainable practices on the farm, WestMET Ag is proud to provide easy, affordable access to Humalite, a proven, effective tool to organically improve soil health and crop yield. WestMET Ag’s humic products are approved for use in Organic Agriculture by Pro-Cert. To find more information or inquire about purchasing Humalite products, contact a WestMET Ag representative today. 

Source : WestMET Ag

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