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New Support Program for Abattoirs, Meat Processors

Licensed abattoirs and meat processors can now apply to the new Abattoir Enrichment and Efficiency program for funding to help upgrade their facilities and grow the local food sector.

The new $500,000 program is open to all provincially and federally licensed abattoir and meat processors in Nova Scotia. The program builds on a similar initiative in 2020-21 that helped upgrade facilities, resulting in quality improvements and more sales opportunities.

“Nova Scotia produces good quality red meat and poultry, and we want to ensure more of it makes its way into grocery stores and onto tables,” said Greg Morrow, Minister of Agriculture. “As we work towards our goal of 20 per cent of the money spent on food by Nova Scotians being spent on locally produced food, we are pleased to see sectors like this one willing to grow their businesses to help us meet this target.”

The new program covers up to 60 per cent of the cost of eligible upgrades per program year. Abattoirs can receive a maximum of $25,000 per year, and meat processors can receive $10,000. Facilities must be already licensed to be eligible to apply.

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