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Nourish Food Marketing releases the 2020 Annual Trend Report under the Nourish Network

TORONTO - Nourish Food Marketing, Canada's only full-service marketing agency working exclusively with food, beverage, and agricultural clients, Kahntact, leading marketers in the agriculture, food, and life science sectors, and AdFarm, North America's premier agriculture agency, have launched the fourth annual Trend Report under the Nourish Network.
Working across the entire food ecosystem, the Nourish Network partners with clients spanning multiple categories, providing a unique perspective and deeper insights to connect the dots and report on what's just beyond the horizon. With the growth of the Nourish Network earlier this year, came an even more in-depth understanding of Canada's international agri-food industry as a whole.
"Whether you're a manufacturer, retailer, or in Food Service, you need to see the larger picture in order to sink into the trends that are influencing consumer behaviour." Says Jo-Ann McArthur, President of Nourish Food Marketing. "True trends are the real shifts that change the ground we walk on and as a network, we get to see these across the industry."
"With the gap between the consumer and the farmer getting smaller and smaller, overall food trends should not be looked at individually," says Ben Graham, president of AdFarm. "We are proud to publish a robust and fully integrated North American Trend Report this year under The Nourish Network."
The Nourish Network Trend Report breaks down the following trends to help businesses plan for 2020:
  • Unpackage Me: Solutions Beyond Recycling
  • Sober Me: Rethinking Alcohol for a New Generation of Drinkers
  • Know Me: AI and Hyperpersonalizing Foodservice
  • Save Me: Environmental Impact-Based Eating
  • Science Me: Redefining "Real" Food in the High-Tech Era
  • Entertain Me: Evolving Grocery Shopping from Chore to Experience
  • Keto Me: The Evolution of Lifestyle Eating From No-Carb to Slow-Carb
The Agricultural-specific trends within the 2020 Nourish Network Report Include:
  • Nourish Me: Serving Local Food in Public Institutions
  • Near Me: Farming Gets Closer to the Consumer
  • Teach Me: Consumers Want to Know More About Modern Farming Practices
The 2020 Nourish Trend Report is online now. To read the full report, click here.
Source : CISION

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