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Nutrition hub launched by USDA and Southern University

USDAs teamed up with Southern University to unwrap their fresh-out-the-oven Nutrition Hub. The mission is to zoom in on communities facing the brunt of diet-linked ailments and lend a helping hand. 

The Hub plans to dish out top-notch, science-backed nutrition details. And not just random facts, but golden nuggets specifically tailored for communities grappling with the likes of obesity and diabetes. It's like a bigger, better sibling of the USDA's Climate Hubs, which are already doing wonders for thousands. 

Did you get wind of the White House's hunger and nutrition chat? This project syncs right in, putting a magnifying glass on nutrition's role in warding off nasty diseases. 

USDA's very own Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young spilled the beans, saying this is more than a plan—it's a revolution in how we view community nutrition. They're going all out, with Southern University taking the reins of this ambitious mission. 

The Hub aims to weave and share nutritious insights, link up communities with essential food schemes, pave the way for research, and hatch a future team of nutrition whizzes. 

Proper nutrition can sideline many chronic diseases. With that in mind, the Hub's vision is to morph groundbreaking research into tangible health boosts. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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