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Ontario Bean Growers & AgScape Launch a New Teachers Guide on the Innovations of Ontario Dry Bean Farming in Celebration of Canadian Agricultural Literacy Month

ONTARIO – AgScape, working with the Ontario Bean Growers is launching a new Teachers Guide- an Exploration of Dry Bean Farming, for Ontario students Grades 4-10.
This new resource for Ontario educators invites students to explore - in three engaging, hands-on lessons - the nutritional benefits of beans, potential career opportunities as well as exploring the surprising innovations and technology utilized by Ontario bean farms. In particular it was important that the Teachers’ Guide address the role bean farmers play as stewards of the environment. This resource also provides educators with an overview of the dry, bean industry, answering key questions around what does farming Ontario beans look like and what does it mean for the over health and sustainability of our province.
Jennifer Mitchell, Project Manager at Ontario Beans Growers said, “Looking at it from an industry perspective, it is important for us to highlight the many opportunities available in the agri-food sector.  Imagine if, unbeknownst to us, a future bean breeder or weed scientist, or plant pathologist, is among the students exposed to our resources, and that exposure is what lights the spark for them to take that path.”
“While working on this resource, my own family has deepened its appreciation of this amazing, versatile food. Learning how to use dry beans in our cooking has expanded our own food journey and encouraged our kids to become more curious about trying the foods grown right here in Ontario,” said Shaunna MacQuarrie, AgScape Project Assistant and Ontario Certified Teacher.
An Exploration of Dry Bean Farming, Teacher Guide for Grades 4-10, is the featured resource being offered in celebration of Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month, this March 2021. Educators interested in receiving this resource can register for AgScape’s Teacher Resource Packages at: It’s never been more important for students to recognize the vital role they can play as informed consumers and supporters of Ontario food and agriculture sector.
Source : AgScape

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