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Ontario government announces more than $2.8 million for wetland restoration on farms

The Ontario government is investing more than $2.8 million in projects led by ALUS Canada to support farmer-led initiatives to restore and enhance wetlands on 70 farms across the province.

Ontario Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks Andrea Khanjin made the announcement on June 18 in St. Andrew’s West, near Cornwall.

The funding will support the restoration of approximately 208 acres (84 hectares) of wetlands in 11 municipalities and counties in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence and Ottawa River watersheds with the goal of increasing the total area of functioning wetlands infrastructure to prevent flooding and improve water quality.

“Wetlands are among the most productive ecosystems in the world. They are home to a variety of wildlife and can help filter water entering lakes and rivers,” said Khanjin.

“Our government is proud to be working with trusted conservation leaders like ALUS and Ontario farmers to support local agriculture communities and the environment,” she added.

The projects led by ALUS Canada will involve working with 70 farmers to prepare sites on their properties for wetland restoration and implement a variety of enhancements, such as planting native trees and shrubs, grassland planting, pollinator plantings, exclusion fencing, erosion controls and invasive species control.

This wetland project is among the many projects led by conservation partners that are collectively receiving up to $11 million from the Wetlands Conservation Partner Program this year.

“Today’s investment in wetland projects demonstrates a strong commitment to preserving our natural resources and supporting sustainable agricultural practices,” Ontario Federation of Agriculture President Drew Spoelstra said.

The Wetlands Conservation Partner Program is one of the largest investments in wetland enhancement and restoration in the province’s history. Over the past five years, Ontario has invested over $31 million to support a wide range of projects that restore and enhance large and small-scale wetlands and wetlands in more urban areas as part of municipal stormwater management.

Source : The Review

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