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Ontario grape growers top $113M in farmgate value

Ontario grape growers had a better 2023 harvest than anticipated earlier in the year, earning $113.3 million in gross farmgate receipts.  The record number is one of the highlights of the report presented by the Grape Growers of Ontario (GGO) at its annual general meeting on April 3, 2024.

“As we reflect on the growing season of 2023, grape growers breathed a sigh of relief,” said Matthias Oppenlaender, GGO board chair. “We overcame the challenges brought by the winter weather disaster of 2021-2022, we navigated a surplus of supply and future policy uncertainties, and throughout all of this, our commitment to supporting Ontario grape growers remained steadfast.”

A warm September 2023 helped grapes mature and ripen, and growers were able to hang fruit well into October, but disease pressure was high and the erratic weather caused very uneven maturation. Growers’ patience and utilization of good viticulture practices ensured good grape stability and high-quality wines in 2023. In the end, there were 75,727 tonnes harvested. 

The Canada-Ontario Grapevine Winter Injury Initiative delivered $6 million under the AgriRecovery program. The governments of Canada and Ontario also allocated $8 million from the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership fund, focusing on grapes, apples and tender fruit.

Source : The Grower

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