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Ontario proposing changes to meat and dairy processing regulations

The Government of Ontario is proposing regulation changes to the Food Safety and Quality Act  and the Milk Act that it says will cut red tape and reduce the regulatory burden for all businesses.
“Farmers and food processors have told us too many of Ontario’s regulatory requirements are out of date, unnecessary or heavy handed,” said Ernie Hardeman, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). “They say the process costs them time, money and a lot of frustration, and it doesn’t provide any real added protections for people. These proposed changes will make it easier and faster for agri-food companies to do business in Ontario.”
The proposed changes under the Food Safety and Quality Act will reduce paperwork and fees and encourage additional business opportunities for provincially-licensed meat processors. Meat-plant licences would no longer need to be renewed, saving operators up to $300 every three years, and eliminating time consuming paperwork. The process will also be simplified for owners who no longer want to operate meat plants and voluntarily give up their licences, reducing confusion and aggravation for processors.
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