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Pair Of Manitobans Chosen For G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship

The winners were chosen after a weeks-long selection process from a field of more than 50 candidates who applied and explained in a video presentation how they would drive innovation in agriculture.

Each winner will receive $4,000 as they embark on their post-secondary education; each of their high schools will also be rewarded $1,000. The scholarship is presented in partnership with Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C).

The 2021 G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship Winners are:

Ebunoluwa Makinde (MB)
Jessica Davey (SK)
Kacey Code (SK)
Rachel Zhu (ON)
Stefan Schaible Schur (MB)
Zoee Aussant (SK)

All the candidates’ videos were posted online, and public voting formed part of the overall score in the selection process.

“We’re excited to help launch some very promising and impressive young people on the path to their educational and career goals,” says G3 CEO Don Chapman. “And while we could only award 6 scholarships, it was obvious from the video applications that there are many more talented and inspirational young men and women with great futures ahead of them in agriculture and beyond.”

“The G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity to support Canadian students and future agriculture leaders,” said Melissa Galay, the Education Specialist for AITC-C. “Having viewed all the applicant’s submissions, I am inspired by the passion these students have for sharing their bright ideas for Canada's agriculture and food sector. Congratulations to the recipients of the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship - the future is yours to innovate.”

The videos of all the applicants are available for viewing at

G3 will present the scholarship again in 2022.

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