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Pig Mobile Draws Massive Crowds at Canadian National Exhibition

TORONTO - Thanks to a dedicated team of 57 Hambassadors, the Ontario pork industry was well represented at the 2023 Canadian National Exhibition.

With record crowds entering the CNE Farm building, the newly designed interactive Pig Mobile once again was a must-see destination for exhibition goers.

“Being from the city we see don't pigs, we don't see piglets and we don't see farmers," said Toronto resident Sara Borello.

Curious consumers like Borello said the Pig Mobile provided valuable information on how pigs are raised, allowing for a better understanding of what happens on a farm.

"Just seeing live pigs is a new experience or us, seeing them in their element, it's something special," said Borello.

Throughout 18 days at the CNE, Ontario Pork Hambassadors interacted with tens of thousands of exhibition goers, as the Pig Mobile proved to be a fabulous tool to educate and engage consumers.  A resource that Hambassadors like Kathleen Homan said really allows her to help share her knowledge about farming.

"Over time we have lost that connection between farmers and consumers," said Homan. "It's really good to talk to people and educate them and give them a shot at really knowing what happens on a farm so they are confident in what they eat."

Besides the live viewing window with two sightlines of a sow and her piglets, the Pig Mobile also features important messaging about the industry, along with life-size cutouts highlighting the various weights of pigs through the different stages of growth.

“For consumers they get to see what’s really happening,” said Niagara pork producer John Homan. "They want to know how big they are, they want to know about the farrowing crates and why they are kept the way they are. We're happy to give them all the answers to these important questions."

CNE organizers say total attendance exceeded last year's attendance mark of 1.56 million, giving the Ontario Pork Pig Mobile its largest audience to date.

"With over 80 shifts to fill over 18 days we really want to thank all of the Hambassadors who took the time to interact with the public " said Ontario Pork Communication and Education Specialist Kathleen Baird. "That dedication of showing up during a busy time in the summer really goes a long way to help get our message out." 

If anyone is interested in representing the Ontario pork industry at an upcoming fair or event, email Kathleen for more information

Source : Ontario Pork

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