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Pork Promotion-Research Agency Holds First Meeting

The Pork Promotion-Research Agency (PPRA) held its first meeting of the delegates this week and identified the members that will guide its first year of operations.
These members will play a strategic role in shaping the yearly business plan and the five-year strategy for the agency.
The pork agency’s twelve members represent pork producers from across Canada, the importer community, and the retail and restaurant elements of the pork value chain.
The Members are:
- Terry Beck, Pork Nova Scotia
- Rick Bergman, Manitoba Pork Council
- Olivier Bourbeau, Restaurants Canada
- Maaike Campbell, Ontario Pork
- Scott Dingwell, PEI Hog Commodity Marketing Board
- Mark Ferguson, Saskatchewan Pork
- Darcy Fitzgerald, Alberta Pork
- Hans Kristensen, Pork New Brunswick
- Pierre Massie, Les √Čleveurs de porcs du Qu√©bec
- Tyler McNaughton, BC Hog Marketing Commission
- Pat Pessotto, Longo’s
- Troy Warren, Sure Good Foods
The agency has established a website and will be adding more information as it becomes fully operational.
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