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Postcards draw attention to Canadian wool

The federal government has released its policy framework designed to “strengthen and grow” Canada’s agriculture sector and some Canadian shepherds and processors think they know where some of those funds should go.

They are carrying out a postcard campaign that includes letters to federal and provincial government officials to attract more attention to the wool industry.

Manitoba sheep farmer Anna Hunter, owner of the province’s only wool mill, hopes to draw the attention of government officials and attract some funding for Canadian wool.

Like many in her industry, Hunter found herself swamped by custom processing orders sent with the bags of wool shipped from sheep farms across the Prairies. Faced with untenable turn-around times, she and her husband were forced to contact customers to tell them that wait times were longer than anticipated.

“That caused a lot of anger and frustration,” she said. “And rightly so.”

Hunter wrote a letter to her provincial and federal representatives, which caught the attention of sheep specialists from Manitoba’s department of agriculture who called Hunter looking for more information.

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