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Protecting winter wheat plant health with T3 fungicide applications

It has been around two decades since we have been applying T3 or heading fungicides on winter wheat in Ontario and we have learned a lot over the years on how to maximize its results.

The first product on the market for fusarium head blight suppression was Folicur and results were mixed. In following years more products have come on the market like Caramba, Prosaro XTR, and more recently, Prosaro Pro, and we have gained a lot of insight as to how and when to apply these fungicides to maximize their efficacy.

Timing is critical to get the most out of these products. In most fields there is about a 3-4 day window of opportunity.

When looking at heads to stage the crop you should be concentrating on the main stem heads and the area of the field that is the most representative of the whole field.

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