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Province invests $1.5 million in green projects through conservation and climate fund

The Manitoba government is awarding $1.5 million in grants from the Conservation and Climate Fund to support 14 projects that work to help protect the environment by addressing the effects of climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Grants are awarded using a merit-based selection process that evaluates project outcomes against the priorities of the Made-in-Manitoba Green Plan.

This year’s recipients are:

- Manitoba Organic Alliance Inc. – $92,000 for a web-based nutrient budgeting tool;

- Carbon Lock Technologies Inc. – $125,000 for a project that carbonizes biosolids to address methane emissions and nutrient loading;

- Red River College – $67,500 for a drain water heat recovery system;

- The Fort Whyte Foundation Inc. – $80,000 for the development of bioswales for improved site drainage and six electric vehicle charging stations;

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