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Province's Second Protein Summit A Success

Last week, more than 650 individuals from across the globe attended the Manitoba Protein Summit, hosted by the government of Manitoba and the Manitoba Protein Consortium.
“The protein industry is driving new investment and opportunities for Manitoba in both plant and animal protein,” said Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen. “Since the first summit and the release of the Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy, we’ve seen an additional $680 million in new investment in the protein industry, creating close to 600 jobs.”
The virtual event hosted a mix of international, Canadian and Manitoba presenters that covered key information on the protein industry, lessons learned for the industry through the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of producing protein in a sustainable manner.
“Events such as Manitoba’s Protein Summit open doors for Manitoba companies and help connect them with global stakeholders,” said Pedersen. “Providing these opportunities will ensure Manitoba will continue to be a leader in protein innovation.”
Pedersen said that Manitoba’s Protein Advantage Strategy is a bold approach to attracting new investment in the animal and plant-protein sector, creating new jobs, increasing protein production in a sustainable manner and positioning the province as a leader in protein research and innovation. He added the strategy will continue to maintain the Manitoba government’s focus on creating an environment for investment attraction while supporting research and innovation, and reducing red tape.
“This event directly aligns with the work being undertaken by the Manitoba Protein Consortium and the Sustainable Protein Design Team to develop the Sustainable Protein Action Framework, and how we as Manitoba’s protein industry should take collective ownership of this Framework and move it to action,” said Dickson Gould, chair of the Manitoba Protein Consortium. “Our goals are to elevate Manitoba’s economy through sustainable protein innovation, value chain collaboration and to foster a culture of stewardship for our environment.”
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