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Saskatchewan Harvest Surges on Good Weather

The Saskatchewan harvest surged from less than half to almost two-thirds complete this past week amid ideal conditions. 

The latest weekly crop report Thursday pegged the overall harvest in the province at 64% done as of Monday, up from 42% the previous week and now ahead of the five-year average of 57%. An additional 20% of the crop was ready to swath or straight cut as of Monday, the report said, adding many producers in the southwest and west-central regions have already completed harvest and are on to other field work. 

Most of the province received very little to no rainfall this past week. The Livelong, St. Walburg and Meadow Lake areas received a range of 2 to 5 mm, which did not result in major delays.  

An estimated 93% of the crop was off in the southwest region, followed by west-central at 80% done, the southeast at 57%, the northwest at 47%, the east-central at 46%, and the northeast at 41%. 

Lentils and peas were both 95% harvested as of Monday, along with 90% of the durum, 72% of the barley, 68% of the spring wheat, 39% of the canola, and 23% of the flax. There was an additional 40% of canola ready to swath or straight-cut. 

Durum quality grades are estimated as 50% No. 1 CW, 30% 2 CW, 15% 3 CW and 5% 4 and 5 CW. Pea quality grades are estimated as 45% No. 1 CAN, 46% 2 CAN, 9% 3 CAN, and 1% Sample grade. Lentil quality grades are estimated as 34% No. 1 CAN, 60% 2 CAN, and 7% 3 CAN. 

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