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Saskatchewan Stock Growers Plan Virtual AGM

Cattle producers are being reminded to pre-register for the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association virtual AGM next week.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday, June 15th.

General Manager Chad MacPherson says the registration deadline is this Friday, June 11th.

He notes Friday is also the nomination deadline for the six Director at Large positions that expire this year.

"So members that are interested in running for the board, could fill out the form which is available on our website and apply to run for the board as well."

He notes there's also a resolution form there as well and the deadline to submit those resolutions is Friday, June 11th as well.
MacPherson says they have a full agenda with general business updates, director elections, resolutions, the TESA Award Presentation, and of course, a couple of guest speakers.

"One is Anne Wasko with Cattle Trends, she's going to be giving a cattle market outlook. And our second one is Anne Marie Roerink, she's with 210 Analytics out of Florida. She's the author of the annual Power of Meat study. For people that aren't familiar with that research, it's kind of a consumer outlook on what's happening with meat consumption across the United States at the retail level."

Producers interested in taking part will have to go to the Stock Growers website to pre-register before the end of the day on Friday.

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