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SCA Invests In WLPIP Premium Increase Compensation

The Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association is contributing up to $1 million to partner with the Province to offset the increase in producer premiums associated with COVID-19 for the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program.
Last month, Minister Marit announced that the Province would help offset the increase in premiums with $5 million of provincial funds. 
Work continued to try to bring the federal government onside to cover the rest of the premium increase, but that has not happened.
SCA's contribution of up to $1 million along with the provinces $5 million will help offset an additional eight per cent of the COVID-19 impact on WLPIP premiums.
Cow-calf producers are entering the final week to purchase calf price insurance through WLPIP with the final deadline of June 18th.
Premium tables are published on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 
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