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Second hay cut underway: Manitoba Crop Report

Manitoba Agriculture's latest crop report says harvest has started in winter wheat and fall rye, with a good portion of those crops already combined.

Reported yields are average for both crops.

Crop condition looks good to very good in most parts of the province.

Pea harvest has begun in the northwest region, and widespread harvest is expected to begin for spring cereals in about two weeks, with some early barley coming off in the past few days.

Insect concerns have popped up in localized spots across Manitoba, lygus bugs in the Swan Valley, and soybean aphids, cereal aphids, and grasshoppers throughout Manitoba.

Soybean aphids have reached economic thresholds in some crops, while many populations remain below thresholds but should be monitored closely.

Dairy farms have completed second-cut hay, while beef cattle producers are just starting or continuing a second cut as weather allows.

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