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Silo gas - The silent danger on farms

Ever heard of silo gas? It's that sneaky danger lurking in our silos, especially after a drought. Let’s dive in and keep you safe! 

When green forage ferments in the silo, it creates silo gas, which is mainly nitrogen dioxide. This can be harmful, even deadly! And this year, with the drought affecting crops, the risk is up. 

Now, the tricky part - it doesn't always show signs immediately. It might surprise you hours later. You know something’s off when you spot a yellow-brown mist or a bleach-like odor near your silo. And if your animals look stressed or birds drop dead, it's a big red flag! 

Here's a cheat sheet to stay safe: 

  • For the first 72 hours after filling, steer clear of the silo, especially on windless days. 

  • Always ensure good airflow around silos. 

  • Remember, usual farm respirators might not protect you against this gas. The best way is to Stay out! 

  • If you have a tower silo, secure it. And put-up signs to warn others. 

  • Educate everyone on the farm. 

  • If you think entering the silo is a must within the first two weeks, think twice. If still necessary, make sure you’re well-prepared. 

If you sense silo gas, get out of there. And if someone’s feeling unwell, rush them to a doctor. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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