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Sollio Cooperative Group and Sixteen Agricultural Cooperatives Launch From Us to You to Help Their Communities

Montreal – With the heavy toll many are paying due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sollio Cooperative Group launched the From Us to You initiative in collaboration with sixteen agricultural cooperatives from its network to donate more than $550,000 in food and cash. The From Us to You initiative is twofold: first, it will donate about $450,000 worth of foodstuffs from our local agricultural entrepreneurs to be distributed to certain Moissons in the Food Banks of Quebec network and the Tablées des chefs’ Cuisines solidaires, and second, it will donate over $100,000 cash to various organizations including Au cœur des familles agricoles, Little Brothers and the Association des jeunes ruraux du Québec.
$450,000 in foodstuffs
Products will be purchased by member agricultural contractors of participating cooperatives and then distributed throughout the foodbanks in their territories.
Participating cooperatives include:
  • La Coop Agrilait
  • La Coop des Montérégiennes
  • La Coop Agriscar
  • Novago Cooperative
  • La Coop Alliance
  • La Coop Parisville
  • Avantis Coopérative
  • La Coop Purdel
  • Citadelle, cooperative of maple syrup producers
  • La Coop Sainte-Hélène
  • La Coop Comax
  • La Coop St-Patrice
  • La Coop Covilac
  • La Coop Unifrontières
  • La Coop La Patrie
  • Vivaco groupe coopératif
What’s more, the From Us to You initiative will offer the greater Montreal area, which is the hardest hit by COVID-19, the retail equivalent of $200,000 worth of Olymel products and $10,000 worth of Citadelle maple products. These products will be divided over the territory among Moisson service centres and the Tablée de chefs program, Cuisines solidaires. By partnering with the Food Banks of Quebec network, whose primary mission is to feed the most vulnerable among us, we can help to better meet the needs of our communities during these trying times and provide food security.
Over $100,000 in cash donations
The From Us to You initiative will also allow us to support organizations including Au cœur des familles agricoles, Little Brothers and the Association des jeunes ruraux du Québec, all organizations that reflect Sollio Cooperative Group’s values as much by their regional presence as by the support they offer our elderly, who are particularly at risk.
A few words
“Driven by our cooperative values, Sollio Cooperative Group and sixteen agricultural cooperatives in Quebec and Eastern Ontario not only raised money for the From Us to You initiative, but also imagined, in our own way, how we could sustainably feed our world with products from here, while contributing to the regional economy. We sincerely hope that our actions will help our communities during these difficult times.” said Gaétan Desroches, CEO, Sollio Cooperative Group.
Source : Sollio Cooperative Group