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Spensa Technologies Partners with TerrAvion
Spensa Technologies Inc., a precision agriculture technology company, announces today its partnership with TerrAvion, Inc., a California-based startup which provides aerial imagery for agriculture. 
As customers of Spensa work with farmers to scout fields, they can subscribe to receive up-to-date aerial imagery of all of the fields as well as synthetic maps and analyses throughout the growing season using TerrAvion’s image delivery platform, OverView. 
“We have learned that our customers are thinking about how imagery can affect farmers’ bottom line and they want to see exactly what is happening in the fields,” said Kim Nicholson, Vice President of Business Development for Spensa Technologies. “Through this partnership, we are able to provide our customers with ready-to-use imagery so they can stay informed during the most critical stages of the season and find and resolve any discrepancies before operations are affected.” 
TerrAvion provides tailored subscription packages for each region they operate in, providing the best value for the specific crops grown in each grower’s area. Using various types of imagery, TerrAvion views their service as a way to “abstract away the complexity and deliver maps that are ready to use so that growers can spend more time applying their expertise, more powerfully, and over a larger area.”  
“We are thrilled to partner with TerrAvion as they share similar goals and ambitions with Spensa,” says Nicholson. “Our end goal is to provide our customers with the tools and insights necessary to contribute to the success of farm operations. ”For more information regarding Spensa’s innovative pest management technologies or to sign up for a free trial, visit
About Spensa
Spensa Technologies Inc. was founded in 2009 in the Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette, Indiana. Spensa’s mission is to develop a network of industry-leading devices and innovative technologies to better manage agronomic pests such as insects, weeds and disease. We strive to reduce reliance on manual labor, foster eco-friendly farming and enhance crop production to help feed the world. Spensa gathers high-resolution data, models that use data to reveal insights, and clearly presents findings to help agriculturalists make the most informed decisions possible. 
About TerrAvion
TerrAvion is the largest volume commercial provider of aerial imagery to agriculture. The TerrAvion offering is uniquely suited to support consulting and retail agronomy.  It offers a combination of the lowest prices, frequent visits throughout the season, reliable and quick delivery, as well as integration with leading agronomy platforms like AgX. TerrAvion’s imagery is used by agronomists and growers on millions of acres to assess moisture, fertility, pest, and disease issues, and to inform other key agronomic decisions. TerrAvion and its fixed winged program is the leader in providing imagery suited to guide a modern precision ag program, allowing growers to make the most informed decisions and get the highest return on their investment in data.