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Study Reveals Manitoba Crop Alliance Crop Types Are Major Drivers Of Manitoba Economy

Today, Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) released data highlighting the significant contributions of its crop types to the Manitoba economy.

MCA contracted information services company GlobalData to conduct a study assessing the impact of Manitoba-grown wheat (excluding durum), barley, grain corn, sunflower and flax on the province’s economy.

Together, these five crop types account for a large part of Manitoba’s agriculture industry. Several of these crops are also the foundations for important food industries, both within the province and beyond.

GlobalData found that the total economic impact of MCA’s five crop types averaged roughly $6.9 billion over the past three years, including more than 28,000 Manitoba jobs and $2.5 billion in wages.

“This study shows the major role our crop types play in the economic well-being of the province and the country,” says MCA chair Robert Misko, who farms east of Roblin, MB.

“As farmers, we have long known our position in the system and how we contribute to the province’s success, but it is heartening to see those contributions laid out in a measurable way that anyone can understand.”

For a full breakdown of the study, including summary data and in-depth reports for each crop type, visit

This economic assessment was modelled after work done last year by Cereals Canada on wheat, barley, durum and oats. Visit for more information.

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