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The Sprout: Threat of African swine fever worsens

China customs agency announced on Wednesday that the country has banned imports of pigs, wild boars and pork products from Slovakia, out of fear of the spread of African swine fever. Recent reports have suggested that between one third and one half of China’s entire herd could be wiped out due to the disease this year. That was reported by Reuters.
Bulgaria’s agriculture minister conceded on Wednesday that it, too, had failed to contain the spread of African swine fever. Reuters reports that the country has so far detected more than 30 outbreaks of the disease, which has led to around 130,000 pigs of the country’s total herd of 600,000 to be culled.
Around Town
The House and Senate have adjourned for the summer.
International Trade Diversification Minister Jim Carr headed a roundtable with pork farmers and producers in Winnipeg on Wednesday, to discuss the continued blockage of Canadian pork imports to China.
“This round table offered an opportunity for Minister Carr to reiterate the government’s commitment to reopening the Chinese market as soon as possible, and to maintaining market access for Canada’s high-quality meat products,” said a press release from Carr’s office.
The governments of Canada and Ontario announced a shared investment to the beekeeping industry on Wednesday. Ontario Agriculture Minister Ernie Hardeman announced that $500,000 will be provided through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to help beekeepers make improvements at managing pests, diseases and other stressors to bees.
In Canada
Alberta Economic Development, Trade and Tourism Minister Tanya Fir says her government is reviewing her government’s international offices to see where it can save taxpayers money. The Edmonton Journal reports that Alberta spends $10.3 million per year on its international trade offices that include locations in Hong Kong, London, Washington, D.C. and Beijing.
P.E.I. farmers are in the midst of a hot streak that has some farmers — including potato producers, whose crop is starting to show stress — worried about the lack of rain. CBC News reports.
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