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There’s a new kid on the block and they’re taking the Canadian agricultural industry by storm.

Competitor vs Top Phos Trial

While new to the Canadian market, Timac Agro is certainly not an unknown commodity. Established in 1959, the family-owned business has a network of agronomists who visit more than 20,000 farms per day.

“Our motto at Timac is Think Different Farm Better,” said Timac manager Corinna Ward, who is located in Ontario. “We’re here to help farmers or retailers that are looking to do things differently, bridging performant and sustainable agriculture. We are fully integrated, we believe in proximity and tailor-made solutions. This is what makes us unique.”

With tried and true products that have been tested in Europe, such as Excelis Maxx and Top-Phos, Timac will deploy an innovative range of fertilizers rooted in organic matter and designed to stimulate the physiology of the plant. They also offer liquid root and foliar bio-stimulants for field and specialized crops.

Excelis Maxx is the only nitrogen stabilizer on the market with Timac’s patented technology which is intended to treat urea or UAN, surface applied or incorporated/injected into the soil. The product, which has already been widely shipped and sold across Canada, is formulated to protect nitrogen from all three pathways of loss while simultaneously stimulating cofactors for improved root growth and nutrient uptake.

“We’re really excited about some of the results we’ve seen” Ward said talking about some 2020 Canadian trials. “We expect to take part in even more trials this year and we believe Excelis Maxx will become a staple in the Canadian ag industry.”

Top-Phos, a product designed to tackle the challenges of phosphorous blockage in the soil, was a finalist at the Ag in Motion Innovation Program in 2019.

Timac’s footprint continues to grow with retailers from coast to coast.

Ward said she understands that Timac will be judged on its results and it’s a challenge that she says they’re up for.

“We’ve seen very positive results here in Ontario, in Canada, as well as other countries with similar soil types, and we always want to replicate results locally to ensure growers are getting consistent return on investment,” Ward said. “Many producers might just be learning about who Timac Agro is and we’re going to be around for a long time.”

Source : Timac Agro

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