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Tough testing process for foreign trained veterinarians

A key challenge for the livestock sector is the shortage of veterinarians ...especially large animal vets.

As with the medical profession, we see international vets immigrating to the country that are looking to practice in Canada. 

In order to do so they must complete a Clinical Proficiency Examination at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.

Dean Dr. Gillian Muir says they are the only institution in Canada to offer the four-day exam which they host three or four times a year.

"The applicants for this exam need to demonstrate their competency in a number of areas that cover the breadth of what veterinarians do in Canada. So food animal practice, equine practice, surgery, anesthesia, small animal medicine, medical imaging, a whole number of the regular work that veterinarians do all the time."

She says this is the final step of a lengthy process.

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