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UK Workshop Focuses on Small Acreage Horse Farms

By Jordan Strickler

The Equipment and Facilities for the Small Acreage Horse Owner workshop will commence its 2023 edition Sept. 12. This year's program is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized horse farm owners and managers gain valuable insights into equipment, facility design, maintenance and overall facility management. 

“We want to focus on helping the smaller and medium-sized horse farm owner,” said Linda McClanahan, Mercer County extension agent for agriculture and natural resources, part of the University of Kentucky Martin-Gatton College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. “This field day will help those owners learn more about horse farm management to make their operations more efficient.” 

Over the years, the program has evolved, but its core mission has remained consistent: to provide horse farm owners and managers with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. This year, the event will focus on tractor and equipment safety, the importance of farm layout and how to make good equipment purchase decisions.  

One unique challenge small-acreage horse owners face is wearing multiple hats. Larger operations typically have more abundant labor resources, whereas smaller farms have fewer people to accomplish the tasks that keep the operation running.  

"Smaller landowners have to do most of the work themselves,” McClanahan said. “They don’t have the luxury to afford outside help for labor and other issues. This year’s workshop will help the smaller owner learn the importance of farm safety and where to make the wisest investments on their farms.” 

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