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Usapeec Holds Trade Show, Poultry Sampling For Hri In Peru

USAPEEC, with sponsorship from the USDA and South Dakota Soybean and support from the Office of Agricultural Affairs of the U.S. Embassy, this week conducted in Lima, Peru the “Trade Show and Poultry Sampling Event in Peru 2022” to promote U.S. poultry products. The event was held at the Restaurant La Hacienda Monterrico Grande in La Molina.

Lisa Kenna, U.S. Ambassador in Peru, provided welcoming remarks at the event, which drew more than 250 attendees from the HRI sector, including caterers, restaurant operators, importers, food distributors, supermarket representatives, and others. Participants had the opportunity to make a large number of contacts, taste the U.S. poultry products available in the Peruvian market, developed strategic alliances, met with domestic importers of U.S. poultry products, and attended a technical seminar.

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