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USDA funds Purdue's dairy tech venture

Big news from Purdue University – they've just received a $1 million boost from the USDA. Their goal is to use video magic to better our dairy farms. 

Let's break it down. For dairy farms, feed is a major expense. So, imagine if there was a way to monitor how much and what each cow eats using videos, that’s precisely what Purdue is on to. And if they get it right, it could mean more consistent feed and better milk yield. 

Plus, the dairy sector is aiming high. They want zero carbon emissions by 2050. By keeping a close watch on feed consistency, Purdue's project can help reach this target. 

The plan involves a two-pronged approach: one team will delve into feed composition while another manages the tech side, focusing on recording and analyzing data. This adventure kicks off with tests at Purdue’s dairy station. 

This isn’t their first rodeo. Purdue has a history of using tech to measure farming materials. This time, they want to pinpoint how much feed each cow consumes, even in group settings. 

This tech isn't just about food and cows. It’s a tool for farmers to get a clearer picture of their operations through video insights. They aim to design it so that it works seamlessly in the tough farm environment. 

And the best bit is this system is being shaped by feedback. Everyone, from farmers to experts, gets to share their thoughts on making this tool the best it can be. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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