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This report presents USDA’s initial assessment of U.S. and world crop supply and demand prospects and U.S. prices for 2014/15. Also presented are the first calendar-year 2015 projections of U.S. livestock, poultry, and dairy products. Because spring planting is still underway in the Northern Hemisphere and remains several months away in the Southern Hemisphere, these projections are highly tentative. Forecasts for U.S. winter wheat area, yield, and production are from the May 9 Crop Production report. For other U.S. crops, the March 31 Prospective Plantings report is used for planted acreage. Methods used to project 2014/15 harvested acreage and yield are noted in each table.




World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
June 11, 2014                                              WASDE - 530


USDA Released the World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates Report (WASDE) today and the market has reacted by pushing futures prices lower.To see the latest market prices and charts click

Markets Quotes & Charts: /markets Market School: How Currency Markets Affect Grain Prices

Full Coverage OF USDA WASDE Report

World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates

WASDE: Projected U.S. Corn Production For 2014/15 Is Unchanged

WASDE: Beginning Stocks of US Wheat Are Raised Reduction In 2013/14 Stock

WASDE: Soybean Crush Is Raised 5 Million To 1,700 Million Reflecting An Increase In Projected Soybean Meal Exports

WASDE: U.S. Cotton Projections IS higher Compared To Last Month

Livestock, Poultry, And Dairy
WASDE: U.S. Pork Imports & Exports Raised While No Change Is Made To The Beef Export Forecast by USDA WASDE

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Source: USDA Wasde


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