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Using Virtual Reality To Fix Farm Equipment

Awards were handed out Wednesday at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon.

This year’s showcase features 14 inventions, 19 new products, and 13 farm safety features.

“We encourage everyone to take time to stop by Barn 4 and see some of the amazing new products revolutionizing the agriculture industry," said Brad Crammond, Manitoba Ag Days Co-Chair. "The advancements in technology are certainly going to impact our farming operations in the future. It is an exciting time in agriculture.”

Inventor's Showcase

1st Place: Amazone / Mid-Plains Implements - Saskatchewan/Germany

SmartService 4.0 uses the possibilities of the digital VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) technologies and digital media to assist with technical customer service and to support the end-use customer and service technicians with maintenance and repair work.

2nd Place: Dave’s Machine - Oakbluff, MB

“The Bullet” is a simple towable machine that pulls a large steel "Bullet" to depths as deep as 5 feet to create underground drainage tunnels. The idea is similar to tile drainage but without the use of tile pipe.

Best New Product

1st Place: Thunderstruck Ag Equipment/Copperhead Ag - Winkler, MB

The Copperhead Concave System uses notched bars for restricted flow. This allows more material in the concave area, increasing grain on grain threshing. As grain moves along the system, the concaves are progressively opened, leading to increased unloading of grain as it’s threshed. The Copperhead Concave System can thresh in any crop in any condition, with cleaner samples, decreased field time, while stopping rotor loss.

Farm Safety Feature

1st Place: Northern Strands - Saskatoon, SK

The Northern Strands Bin Safe System has been engineered and pull tested in order to protect farmers, farm workers, and family members from a potentially life-threatening fall off of a grain bin.

The Best In Show Award was presented to Case IH for their 2019 layout.

Source : Discoverairdrie