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Wheat Holding Up Reasonably Well this Winter, Only Marginal Deterioration Noted in Crop Report

The United States Department of Agriculture gave producers their first look at the current wheat crop and pasture conditions since the winter reporting hiatus began, releasing Monday, March 4, 2019 the first round of weekly state progress reports. USDA’s first national crop progress report for 2019 is not scheduled for release until Monday, April 1st. According to the information in this week’s reports in a side-by-side comparison of the last progress reports published on November 25, 2018, the Southern Plains has seen only minor deterioration in the condition of wheat fields over the last few months.
In Oklahoma, winter wheat’s condition fell just 3 points from its last reported good to excellent score of 56 in November to 53 this week, with 36 percent of the crop scored in fair condition (up from 25 percent in November) and at only 11 percent poor to very poor (down from 19 in the last report). Currently, 47 percent of the state’s wheat crop has been grazed, same as this time last year. Pasture and range conditions for this week rate currently at 18 percent poor to very poor, 44 fair and 38 percent good to excellent. This is only a slight adjustment down from last year’s 43 percent good to excellent rating, though the poor to very poor rating remains unchanged.
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Based on the available information out from Kansas, winter wheat in the Sunflower State actually rallied in its poor to very poor rating these last few months improving from 16 percent poor to very poor to only 9 percent this week with 42 percent of the crop rated fair up from 38 percent last November and 41 percent rated in good to excellent condition - down from 46 percent in the last report.
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