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Audio: Problematic Diseases in Pulse Crops

Two problematic diseases in 2010 for pulse growers were ascochyta blight in field pea and white mould in lentil, which is caused by sclerotinia sclerotia. Robyne Bowness, pulse crop pathology technologist, with Alberta Agriculture in Lacombe, discussed strategies for controlling both of these diseases at Agronomy Update in Lethbridge. When it comes to white mould in lentil, Bowness says it’s a very difficult pathogen to control.

Interview with Robyne Bowness  (2:11 minutes) (528 Kb)

I’ll have more with Bowness on tomorrow’s program on ascochyta. For either disease, Bowness stresses the importance of starting with a healthy crop, scouting fields often, familiarizing yourself with the disease and chemicals available, and considering the economics of spraying.

Source: Alberta Agriculture And Rural Development