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TOUGHBUILT Reload Utility Knife + 2 Blade Mags_TB-H4S2-03

Mar 19, 2024

Video: TOUGHBUILT Reload Utility Knife + 2 Blade Mags_TB-H4S2-03

The ToughBuilt® Reload Utility Knife is an innovative quick-change tool expertly crafted from pro-grade materials with a groundbreaking, patented mechanism that allows it to receive spring-loaded blade magazines and autoload a fresh blade with just a flick after discarding the used blade with the push of a button. Just like a standard firearm operation, the mags drop away clear, and a new one can be charged into the chamber with a snap.

Replacement of worn blades is safe and straightforward with a one-button blade-release function that extracts used blades before charging in a fresh one by simply retracting the actuator and flicking it forward again. With a simple press of the mag release, a positive, spring-loaded magazine ejection drops mags clear from the tool or into an open hand. A new magazine can then be loaded inside, making it easy to switch from one kind of blade to another in a flash.

All Toughbuilt mags are integrated with a lower chamber indicator switch. Positions 1, 2, or 3 remind the Pro which kind of blades are loaded in a magazine without extracting the mag from a pouch or pocket. Designed for rigorous cross-platform use, the Reload Knife utilizes quality construction featuring smooth aluminum alloy and zinc alloy for corrosion resistance. It is wrapped in rugged, grippy, non-slip rubber soft-touch housing to protect the tool from shocks and drops while creating a more dexterous hand purchase on the instrument.

The integrated finger ridge guard helps keep Pros safe while cutting robust materials. It includes a five-pack of ToughBuilt universal straight-edge blades and a five-pack of ToughBuilt’s specialized hook blades, which use an intelligent, precision-milled proprietary edge design. The blades work interchangeably with both the Reload Knife and the ToughBuilt Scraper Utility Knife or any standard utility knife.